Developing Artistic Talent

A student of art must study and work on his/her development just as a doctor must study to become a qualified physician.

There are two areas of the art world that is important for the aspiring artist to develop to become a complete artist, note: I said “complete” not successful. There are many forms of “success” that is not to be considered in the true world of art.

Education is vital for development. To understand which brush to use or how one color reacts to another color is important for confidence in your skills. Color charts are sometimes avoided because they can be a little boring. But when combined with the willingness to learn and understand the color potential of your painting, a whole new world opens before you. The color wheel can give your painting accents you never dreamed possible.

The emotional side of art cannot be taught but must be developed and felt by the heart! Inspiration to paint is a pathway for this development. Only when you lose yourself in your art can the spiritual side come forward and influence how you paint.

Artists often speak of their surroundings as an aid or a hindrance; the reaction you have to difficulties can hamper emotional development of your art work.

The studio is sacred and preserved as a place to create and develop these two sides of an artist. Only there can the artist rise above the imperfect world and excel at their own pace for perfection.

My workshops concentrate on teaching the artist to tap into their skill, focus their desire, add the technique and produce their own art.

Information about my upcoming workshops can be found here. You may also feel free to contact me using the contact information here.

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