For most of the 2014 year I was creating a painting from an inspired dream I had. I woke up not being able to forget what I saw and how beautiful it would look on canvas.

Since I live close to Nauvoo, IL I visit there to paint the river and the interesting homes with trees in the back grown.

In the dream I saw the Mormon temple being built in the hot humidity of the Midwest. An innocent little girl of about 12 years old is carrying a pitcher of water from worker to worker to refresh them with a cool drink.

The image of my painting is of a stone carver, who perhaps had the most difficult job on a hot August day. So much dust and heat and the pouring water is so welcome. The stone he is carving is a sun stone which is massive in size with intricate details of a heavenly face on the stone.

My youngest son, Todd, played the part of the stone carver. Sarah, the water girl, lives in Nauvoo and was 12 at the time. They were a great help with the anatomy that I needed for such a large mural size oil painting. They wore 1840’s clothing. I did research on the carving tools used in the 1800’s as well.

The frame was made in Connecticut and custom made for this painting. It was hand carved with gold leaf overlay. The canvas is the best Belgian linen available. I personally sized and primed the canvas. It will last for hundreds of years. The canvas image size: 42” X 52”. Total frame size 52” X 62”.


Open House print quality 2(2)


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