Painting in France


“The painting trip to France had a special feeling of excitement, I was in Paris to paint. It was a warm December day, and while I walked I had an interesting sight, watching the people moving around me in a hurry to do their Christmas shopping. Here I was walking on the street bordering the Seine river carrying my easel and paints on my back totally lost to the world of shopping.”

The world of painting is what this artist is devoted to, totally. The only other love he feels is to his French wife who is also an artist. Together they find places to hide, to watch the world around them; to express it in paint and feelings. To love often in their hiding places, causing a peace to overtake. The hiding is a wall to protect and be used to offset any devaluations of the night.

The world of David Garrison in Paris in December 2009 held a passion for painting the chapel Notre Dame in all its glory. With the Seine river sliding by on both sides of the island where the chapel is built; it’s a natural setting for an outstanding oil painting.

The chilling breath of air whipped at the easel and brought tears to the artist eyes. Nothing really new. Over the past 45 years of many painting trips he has experienced this and more. Sometimes on what he called “a shoe string budget” he would drive to find an inspiring subject, not with comfort but with inspiration. In this day and age though the budget is fatter and the inspiration comes easy to this artist. Such is the case with the Notre Dame painting. With the afternoon light coming across the Seine river and causing the chapel to glow with rich colors. A masterful work of art in oil.

The oil painting will be on display at the Hilligoss Gallery 520 North Michigan Ave. Chicago Illinois In February 2010.

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