Artist Reception and Opening of the Renault Auto Company (Paris, France)

Cecile Houel and David Garrison are proud to announce the Artist Reception and Opening of the Renault Auto Company, 21st Salon International in Paris, France.

What’s so exciting about this year’s exhibition is that David and Cecile are the Special Guests of Honor. The Renault Company hosts an outstanding exhibition of art at their headquarters, which is by invitation only. Every year they have a Guest of Honor from a different country and invite the Ambassador of that country to attend the Opening Banquet. Since David is an American, U.S. Ambassador Charles H. Rivkin is invited and will honor the event by his presence.

Each invited artist (around 50) is allowed two works of art, but the Guests of Honor will have 12 paintings on display. Cecile’s famous portraits will highlight her part of the exhibition, while David’s display will be landscapes that he painted Plein Air in Paris, Normandy, France and the United States. The painting on the invitation, “Fall Colors”, is of a country road in Burlington, Iowa.

The date to remember for the Reception is November 17th, 6pm.
At 27, rue des Abondances, Boulogne-Billancourt. (a close suburb of Paris)

David and Cecile are inviting everyone to attend, to help celebrate this wonderful event together!

To see other paintings and stories of the two artist please look at their Web sites:

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