Another Sneak Peek

I’ve gotten some more painting done -but it’s been a struggle to fit it all in. The first few days I was here I took a picture of a bridge that I thought really captured the essence of what it is to be in France. I made it back to the same bridge and turned it into a painting. Here’s a quick peek at it so far:

And the bridge in real life:

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  1. Mary anne Ricks says:

    Hi Dave, It is nice to know that you are doing so well and enjoying life and international travel. Pat and I moved to Iowa City for 6 yrs where I had a small home studio and now we are in Arkansas and
    have been for the last 3 yrs. Pat and I got sick of the cold winters and it is so nice at this time of year
    to just enjoy our favorite time of the year and to not be dreading winter at the same time. I miss the
    creativity of photography as I am not doing much of it these days. We enjoy your conte crayon pic
    of the indian in our cowboy and indian bedroom. Your pastels are certainly colorful and beautiful and so different from your earlier style but I love my indian. We have been fortunate to have made many
    friends down here in Conway and our son John is closer by 4 hrs in TN We hope someday we can
    get more of our family down to the south when they get sick of the cold ( however Iowa kinda missed
    winter this last yr) I’ll keep my eye on what you are doing. Mary Anne

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