Ten Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Plein-Air Painters.

  1. They don’t establish the big broad relationships of color, shapes and values before moving on to the details
  2. They fail to unify the light side and the dark side and keep them seperate
  3. They paint what they think they know, not what they actually see
  4. They don’t have the proper equipment or too much of it
  5. They don’t stand back enough to really see
  6. They don’t paint what they know and love
  7. They choose too complicated of subject matter
  8. They don’t use enough red in their greens
  9. They don’t see things as mass, but more as lines that they fill-in between
  10. They expect too much of themselves, too soon
  11. They don’t fill their lover’s glass enough times….oops, that’s from another 10 common mistakes!

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  1. Lois James says:

    I received an email from Peg McCormack regarding a “chance” that you would be willing to do a workshop at her house in Alburtis, PA. How exciting! I have dabbled in oils a long time ago (in my 20’s) and have tackled watercolors this past year and to my surprise, have enjoyed this medium. I guess that I would next move on to pastels if you visit Alburtis.

    Regarding the ten common mistakes – agree with everyone… now if I could only put them into each and every painting….

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