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David Garrison & Cecile Houel featured on Art Talks (wvik NPR) at Augustana College

Friday, February 1st, 2013

“My life as an artist has been an ongoing adventure and development. At the heart of all this, without a doubt has been self discipline and attitude.

When interviewed on the radio I explained how all I wanted to do in school (and at home) was draw, paint, or just anything I could find that dealt with the art world. First, I needed some self discipline to put it into perspective and apply it to other important areas of my life, which would have helped me to not fail first and second grade.

Much later in my life I learned to use self discipline in the studio. Where I could improve the quality of my work by not letting distractions creep in and destroy my creativity.
 As I go on and on in life as an artist, I have come to realize attitude plays the most important part in everything I do. The success I enjoy is enriched by it. The failures are not really failures, because with an inspiring attitude I can stop any earth shattering weight of discouragement which could cause me to feel nothing will ever work, no matter what I do. I spend 10% of my time on the disappointment and 90% on how to change it and succeed.
With some humor and real life experience as an artist, I sat with my wife, Cecile Houel, and explained what it took to be an artist. As I’ve explained to many people,to be an artist is not a job, it’s a way of life.”

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